Architecture and Design


The Architecture program consists of a four-year, preprofessional Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degre and a Master of Architecture professional degree.  The preprofessional BS degree prepares students to enter career fields related to architecture or to enter the professional MArch degree program.  The Master of Architecture degree qualifies the graduate to enter architectural practice and to seek professional licensure.

Interior Design

This four-year professional program leads to the Bachelor of Interior Design degree.  The program focuses on the role of the interior designer as a creative participant in the design of interior spaces that improve the quality of life and respond to the health, safety and welfare of the public.  Graduates of the program are qualified to enter the profession of interior design and to seek professional licensure.

Industrial Design

This four-year professional program offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for successful practice in the field of industrial design.  The UL Lafayette program is the only degree-granting industrial design program in the state of Louisiana.  IT focuses on the industrial designer’s unique contribution to the aspects of product design and production systems that relate most directly to human characteristics, requirements and interests.

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