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College of the Arts Faculty Honored in the UNIV 100 Showcase

At the conclusion of each Fall semester, participating UNIV 100 sections submitted student projects for an annual UNIV 100 Showcase. The Showcase was implemented to display the best student work from our first-year seminar. The projects were displayed in the Edith Garland Dupré Library from January 22, 2018 to February 21, 2018. On February 6, 2018, awards were presented to the winning projects in six categories: Creative/Arts, Creative Written Work, Humanities/Social Science, Leadership/Service, Research Papers, and Science/Technical. One project was selected as an overall winner - Best in Show.

Nominees for the 2017 UNIV 100 Instructor of the Year Awards from the College of the Arts are: Lori Crain, Chan Kiat Lim, Sarah Young

The College of the Arts offered numerous sections of UNIV 100, and garnered many Showcase Awards including:


BEST IN SHOW and 1st Place, Creative / Arts Category


“Picture This: CommUNITY Uniting Us Through Our Differences, Struggles, and Adversities”

Instructor: Chan Kiat Lim

The class decided that the best way to promote a message of unity was by forming a photo mosaic featuring an image of the Fleur-de-lis standing in the Quad that is composed of hundreds of pictures of UL students in order to show the university’s diversity and how, despite our differences, we form a strong and inseparable community. We also put together a slideshow, accompanied by the music we studied in class, which shows quotes our class gathered from students on campus on topics that we considered prominent in our society. These topics include gender equality, peace and tolerance, political strife, LGBTQ issues, poverty, cultural diversity, ethnic/racial issues, and environmental preservation.

Honorable Mention, Creative / Arts Category


“Cayenne Pepper Puppets”

Instructor: Melissa Gilbert



Honorable Mention, Creative / Arts Category

“Swamp Puppets”

Instructor: Melissa Gilbert

Honorable Mention, Leadership / Service Category

“Better Block Johnston Street”

Instructor: Kiwana McClung, Liv Stevenson, Maureen Foster, and Sarah Young