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Community Outreach

You can be a part of the College of the Arts at UL Lafayette — even if you're not a student.

A large part of the College of the Arts' mission is to serve the local and national communities by producing high quality art. We have dozens of community outreach opportunities throughout the year, including theatre and dance performances, art gallery exhibitions, concerts, public art installations, and more.

We host major events each year that you can be a part of, including the Beaux Arts Ball, Festival of the Arts, and ArTech Fusion.

School of Music & Performing Arts

Through the School of Music and Performing Arts, members of the public can audition for theatre and dance productions. Adults and children can take dance classes through the Dance Guild, and young children can take piano lessons through the Piano Pedagogy Lab Program. And, of course, you are welcome to attend our student and faculty concerts, plays, operas, dance productions, and more.

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Department of Visual Arts

In the Department of Visual Arts, our students produce an immense number of beautiful pieces that are available for purchase, as well those you can view during the multiple exhibitions we have throughout the year. The department also offers hands-on workshops and summer camps. The biggest exhibitions come at the end of each semester, when seniors showcase their work in a exhibit at the Hilliard Art Museum at UL Lafayette.

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School of Architecture & Design

The School of Architecture and Design also offers exhibitions of student work, as well as multiple public art installations around Lafayette. Most recently, students built the Lafayette Strong Pavilion on Camellia Boulevard and designed and installed Little Free Libraries on public and private properties. At the end of each semester, architecture graduate students showcase their final projects in an exhibit in the Fletcher Hall Gallery.

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