Find Your Ragin' Spirit

UL Lafayette’s College of the Arts offers a solid foundation for your professional future and an opportunity to master your creativity and artistic abilities.

We are located in the heart of Acadiana, where Cajun and Creole culture offers an engaging environment, with access to a dynamic regional network of professional connections in the creative fields.

Dream it. Design it.

Creativity and design make our world better.

Whether it's a bike or a boat, a stethoscope or silverware, designers integrate purpose, utility, and aesthetics to create the products that we love to use.

In the School of Architecture and Design, you'll learn the practices of prototyping and design development, so you can create the next great gadget.

Be Creative in Your Own Right

In our programs, you’ll engage in intensive study to express your unique artistic vision of the world around you.

But we believe in more than just technique and technical skills. We want you learn how to approach performance, how to solve artistic problems, and how to maintain the discipline and focus necessary to produce high-caliber work.

Keepers of Cajun & Creole Music

As stewards and protectors of the Cajun and Creole cultures, UL Lafayette embraces our heritage and celebrates it in all forms.

Our unique traditional music concentration gives musicians who learn by ear an opportunity to improve their craft in styles such as Cajun, zydeco and bluegrass; to develop an academic foundation in music; and to become advocates for folk and traditional arts.

Work with the Best

Our award-winning faculty are constantly recognized for their work in the arts.

But what we are most proud of is their recognition for the care and attention they give to our students. Faculty are regularly awarded with honors such as the University’s Distinguished Professor Award, the Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Excellence in Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Research Award.

Reach Your Highest Potential

Our programs often garner national and international attention for our students' work, which stands out because of our focus on sustainability and interdisciplinary projects.

We want you to have the opportunities to create socially generous, culturally rich, life-affirming, and cooperative environments so students can reach their highest potential.

College of the Arts

Learn. Create. Inspire.

In the University of Louisiana at Lafayette College of the Arts, we are passionate about the power of the arts. We believe that artists' works are like a mirror, using music, color, movement, and design to interpret and reflect the world around them. We want you to hold up your own mirror, and share what you see.

UL Lafayette is the only university in Louisiana to have one college devoted solely to artistic education and production in music and performing arts, visual arts, and design. We have undergraduate and master's programs, taught by faculty whose lives are devoted to creating, performing, and showcasing high quality art. With us, you'll find your artistic voice and style, and gain the foundation you need to begin your career as a working artist.

Join us today. See our programs, learn more about our work in the community, or contact us to set up a visit today!