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College of the Arts

Phone: 337-482-6224
Fax: 337-482-5907

Main Office:
Fletcher Hall, Room 205
421 E. Lewis St.
Lafayette, LA

Mailing Address:
College of the Arts
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
P.O. Box 43663
Lafayette, LA 70504-3663

Administration & Staff

H. Gordon Brooks II, FAIA, Dean of the College of the Arts
Michael McClure, Associate Dean
Lori Debaillon Crain, Assistant Dean

Debra Leno, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Fletcher Hall 205

Amy Wickenheiser, College Resource Coordinator
Fletcher Hall 202

Donny Broussard, Director of Visual Resource Center
Fletcher Hall 209

Michael Eble, Curator of Events and Exhibitions
Fletcher Hall 207

Department & Schools

School of Architecture and Design
P.O. Box 43850 Lafayette, LA  70504
Phone:  337.482.6225
Fax:  337.482.1128

School of Music & Performing Arts

P.O. Box 41207
Lafayette, LA  70504
Phone:  337.482.6012
Fax:  337.482.5017

Performing Arts
P.O. Box 43690
Lafayette, LA  70504
Phone:  337.482.6357
Fax:  337.482.5089

Visual Arts Department
P.O. Box 43850
Lafayette, LA  70504
Phone:  337.482.6056
Fax:  337.482.5907