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Override Request Form (College of the Arts Courses Only)

Please provide all of the information requested below.


Overrides will only be given for the following courses:  DSGN, ARCH, INDS, INDN, VIAR, DANC, THEA, MUS

You will be contacted by your University email address if your override request is granted.

It is not guaranteed that your override request will be granted.

Override requests take time to process.  You can expect up to 48 hours for many to be approved.  If you are requesting a VIAR course override, those may take a few weeks.   Do not send repeat requests!  If you have sent in a request, the department has it and is working on it.

You must choose the actual registration error you are receiving, and not just choose OTHER.  

Any problems with your form, or leaving out critical information, will lead to delays, or your form not being processed.

Enter your ULID (the long ID not your CLID)
Enter your full name.
Enter your email address. University email only, or request will not be processed.
Enter your major.
List your concentration here.
Enter your phone number.
Prerequisite Arts course for which the override is being requested. Please include course number and section number, and CRN for example: VIAR 235
5 digit number assigned to course.
Semester you will take the course, for example: Summer 2020
What error message do you receive when you attempt to schedule the class?
Why are you requesting an override? Please be specific!