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Professor of Architecture, Geoff Gjertson seeks Provisional Patent for Cajun Bloc

The UL Lafayette Office of Innovation Management filed a Provisional Patent for CajunBloc as of Sept. 11, 2020. The Application No. is 63/077,125.  CajunBloc is a building system made of recycled materials that has been designed and developed by Geoff Gjertson, Professor of Architecture.

CajunBloc is a stackable, 16” x 8” x 12” patent-pending block made from recycled materials which is used to build entire full-size residential or commercial buildings. CajunBloc is lighter and easier to install than traditional masonry products and provides complete, finished, exterior and interior surfaces which allows for the use of one primary, relatively, unskilled labor force for basic construction. Although the material cost of CajunBloc is higher per square foot than more traditional materials, the increased speed of erection, ease of construction, and sustainable aspects more than offsets the added material cost.

 The CajunBloc material surfaces are finished and available in multiple colors and textures on both the interior and exterior. Surfaces are non-porous/waterproof, readily cleanable, non-toxic, not off-gassing, and nonflammable. CajunBloc can be pre-insulated with 4” of sprayed foam. The block has an integral thermal break, vapor-barrier, and 1” air-space with drainage layer. CajunBloc also provides interior raceways for plumbing and electrical services, and knock-outs/access ways for ease of fixture and device installation.

CajunBlocs are structurally adhered to each other with silicone which also seals the joints. In addition, vertical steel cables can be placed throughout the wall where structurally required to resist lateral loads and prohibit overturning. The CajunBloc System includes foundation and roof components for a totally integrated and complete building envelope. The CajunBloc system includes a bottom sill track and top beam. It is intended that the CajunBloc system be used with a flyash concrete slab/foundation and with wood framed truss roofs utilizing CajunBloc gussets and connections. Interior walls in the CajunBloc system are composed of thinner blocks (4” thick).

CajunBloc is more sustainable than Portland cement-based masonry products and uses recycled plastic as well as other waste materials such as sugarcane fibers as fillers. Finally, CajunBloc includes proprietary design software which aids architects and even non architects in designing their buildings and automates the production process through mass-customization. The CajunBloc will empower home and building owners and revolutionize construction practices.