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Gargano’s "Le Détroit In Dust Ree" on Exhibit at Hilliard Art Museum

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Images John Gargano’s installation Le Détroit In Dust ReeThe Hilliard Art Museum at UL Lafayette invited Department of Visual Arts Professor John Gargano to create a large-scale installation for the atrium wall. Ben Hickey, the Curator of Exhibitions at the museum, states “In the broadest sense, John Gargano’s installation "Le Détroit In Dust Ree" honors working people and the tools they use. While Gargano’s ceramic objects projecting from the wall in the Hilliard’s atrium have the playful appearance of a Rube Goldberg machine, his recreations of industrial machinery do a great deal of symbolic heavy lifting.” This 8-by-14-foot artwork is heavily influenced by Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Professor Gargano grew up viewing these massive images of industrial might and consequence as a native Detroiter. The work will be on display through July 2021.

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Images John Gargano’s installation Le Détroit In Dust Ree