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Department of Visual Arts Printmaking Student Club P.R.E.S.S. organizes "PRESSED: Selections from the Department of Visual Arts Printmaking

During November 5-30th “Shared Impressions: Selections from the Department of Visual Arts Student Printmaking Worksh

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Associate Professor Kevin Hagan Work Selected for Upcoming Publication

Department of Visual Arts Faculty, Associate Professor of Graphic Design Kevin Hagan’s his poster for the Annual Jur

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Professor of Piano, Chan Kiat Lim Presents at International Conference.

In November, Piano faculty Chan Kiat Lim was invited to present at the UCSI University Inaugural Piano Pedagogy Conf

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I was reading a Time Magazine article about Meryl Streep’s recent speech denouncing then President-elect Trump at the recent Golden Globes ceremony.  The gist of the article was that no matter what we say, it is what we do as artists that changes people’s ideas, ways of working, playing, believing and thinking.  The article stated that no matter what words Meryl Streep said, nothing can match what she said in the voice of Sophie in Sophie’s Choice.  “What does move the public is the genuine art of passionate artists.” 

Isn’t it funny how sometimes something just explodes off the page to affect you, sometimes to change you but in some cases to confirm what you already knew.  The article continued: “Art derives its power not by being timely but by being timeless…”  Isn’t that just right?  At our best, don’t we teach the timeless principles of design, creativity, composition, and performance in order for our students to affect the world in a positive way doing timely acts?  Geoff Gjertson’s upcoming design-build project of tiny houses is timely, Lord knows we need good housing that’s affordable and portable, but he and his students will use classic design principles as they move through the process.  Shawn Roy’s upcoming Sweeney Todd delivers a strong and repulsive message about revenge using a classic dramatic (and operatic) portrayal of passion and the ability to create fear in the audience!  As gruesome as the plot premises is, I look forward to seeing his staging during our Festival of the Arts.  And our upcoming ArTech Fusion is another example of using timely - contemporary - techniques and mediums to reinterpret timeless arts. In these instances and many others that happen throughout the COA, we use timeless skills and methods to speak to timely issues.  Brava and Bravo!

This eNewsletter describes just a sample of the accomplishments of our students and faculty.  The College of the Arts is a brilliant light and beacon for our University and community.  Keep up the good work.


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