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Assistant Professor of Art History, Dr. Allison Leigh, invited to present research.

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Dr. Allison Leigh (Assistant Professor of Art History, Department of Visual Arts) was invited to present new research in two conferences this spring. She was preparing to present a talk entitled, ““Edouard Manet’s Syphilis: Painting, Debility, and Adaptation in the 1880s” at the annual conference of the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) held at the Northern University of Colorado in March. In addition, she was planning to present her work on “Delacroix’s Misogyny” at a panel on “Toxic Masculinity” at the annual conference of the Association for Art History (AAH) to be held at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom in April. Unfortunately, both conferences were cancelled due to the coronavirus, though Dr. Leigh continues to prepare the research for eventual publication.