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List of Spring 2020 Graduates by Degree

List of Spring 2020 Graduates by Degree 

The appearance of a name in this program is presumptive of graduation, but is not be regarded as conclusive.  Students whose names are listed twice in their program are receiving two degrees. Due to late application, the names of some students who are graduating are not listed in this program.


School of Music & Performing Arts

Dr. Jonathan Kulp, Director 


Master of Music 

Michael Ray Bradley Jr., Master of Music 

Meldy Tanako, Master of Music 

Elden Brewer Arnoult IV, Master of Music 


Bachelor of Arts, Music Business 

Grace E. Allen, Music Business 

Christian J. Broussard, Music Business 

Millie A. Dantin, Music Business 

Abner A. Rodriguez, Music Business 

Sarah Rumsey, Music Business 

Connor T. Stickley, Music Business 

Sharmond D. Tanner, Music Business 

Dalton J. Tujague, Music Business 

Romelo Williams, Music Business 


Bachelor of Music 

Nicole M. Bertrand, Music Media 

Caitlin M. Ecuyer, Music Performance 

Adam Harper, Music Media 

Sarah F. Isaacs, Music Performance 

Alexander D. Laiche, Music Media 

Michelle L. Livingston, Music Media 

Connie A. New, Music Performance 

Logan M. Turner, Music Media 

Laura G. Watts, Music Media 

Andrea V. Rivera, Music Performance 


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Performing Arts  

Alexis K. Louviere, Acting 

John L. St. Clair, Acting 

Elise M.Degruise, Theatre 

Lacey D. Howard, Theatre 

Grace S. Baukman, Dance 

Morgan E. Chandler, Dance 

De’Ondre M. Goodley, Dance 

Madison E. Graves, Dance 

Natalie M. Kojis, Dance 

Meredith S. Moore, Dance


Department of Visual Arts

Kevin Hagan, Interim Department Head


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts


Jesica Arnold, Computer Art & Animation 

Christian S. Broussard, Computer Art & Animation 

Garrett P. Cannon, Computer Art & Animation 

Victoria E. Carriere, Computer Art & Animation 

Corrin H. Drexel, Computer Art & Animation 

Lynne M. Odenwald, Computer Art & Animation 

Harleigh Price, Computer Art & Animation 

Kalan M. Theard, Computer Art & Animation 

Shiloh Williams, Computer Art & Animation


Ashlin M. Augustine, Graphic Design 

Angelle C. Bolt, Graphic Design 

Regan L. Brittain, Graphic Design 

Megan E. Calhoun, Graphic Design 

Carlin A. Cormier, Graphic Design 

Brieanna Cushall, Graphic Design 

Marlee A. Fontenot, Graphic Design 

Erinn L. Hawkins, Graphic Design 

Chelsea R. Henry, Graphic Design 

Jacob Jewell, Graphic Design 

Shelbey M. Latour, Graphic Design 

Loryn K. LeBlanc, Graphic Design 

Ashley N. Marshall, Graphic Design 

Trista McCord, Graphic Design 

Nikki R. Mount, Graphic Design 

Alexandra M. Pollard, Graphic Design 

Olivia L. Talbot, Graphic Design


Tristyn D. Dixon, New Media & Digital Art 

Karlie L. Gauthé, New Media & Digital Art


Josie M. Morgan, Painting 

Brittany E. Mott, Painting


Madison N. DiMarco, Photography


Madison Ardoin, Printmaking 

James Ellis, Printmaking 

Jacob T. Gibson, Printmaking 

Brandon N. Kahrs, Printmaking


Alyssa A. Mouton, Sculpture 

Sarah Simon, Sculpture


School of Architecture & Design

Kari Smith, Interim Director


Master of Architecture

John Michael Oliver, Master of Architecture 

Brooke Elizabeth Roberts, Master of Architecture 

Katherine Maria Green, Master of Architecture

Sami Abdul Rahman Jaber, Master of Architecture


Bachelor of Industrial Design  

Samantha A. Bishop, Industrial Design 

Armand DeLaureal, Industrial Design 

Timothy L. Dupre, Industrial Design 

Darcy A. Fabre, Industrial Design 

Tyenne A.Fulton-Crosson, Industrial Design 

Michael K. Goehler, Industrial Design 

Dylan N. Hebert, Industrial Design 

Rebecca E. Hill, Industrial Design 

Cortez Hunter, Industrial Design 

Hannah M. Landry, Industrial Design 

Scott R. Maloney, Industrial Design 

Dallis E. Miller, Industrial Design 

Steven A. VanZandt, Industrial Design  


Bachelor of Interior Design  

Ashley C. Barousse, Interior Design 

Caroline M. Ferrell, Interior Design 

Amanda C. Guedry, Interior Design 

Lexie I. Lemonier, Interior Design 

Alayna A. Sonnier, Interior Design 

Lauren E. Taylor, Interior Design 

Shelby L. Young, Interior Design 


Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies   

Maryam Al Hijji, Architecture 

Emily A. Barrett, Architecture 

Bailey Bayard, Architecture 

Dakota J. Billiot, Architecture 

Madysen C. Boudreaux, Architecture 

Taylor C. Bourque, Architecture 

Kaci L. Credeur, Architecture 

Arzavia R. Dobard, Architecture 

Scott J. Dufreche, Architecture 

Larry G. Fowler, Architecture 

Brittney I. Freeman, Architecture 

Katy M. Janise, Architecture 

John R. Jones, Architecture 

Katie E. Judice, Architecture 

Taisiia Kolisnyk, Architecture 

Glenn A. Lancon, Architecture 

Helena A. Lecocq, Architecture 

Elizabeth Martinez, Architecture 

Chance R. Massey, Architecture 

Shaela D. Nelson, Architecture 

Thaddaus A. Perkins, Architecture 

Alexis L. Robinson, Architecture 

Briley B. Rome, Architecture 

Mackensie L. Smith, Architecture